Disaster Recovery

Safeguarding IT infrastructure and planning for the unexpected

Business continuity for the ‘what if situation…’?

The problem with “What if” is that “you don’t know what you don’t know.”  How many companies had factored in a Pandemic in their disaster recovery plans pre 2020? Our consultants bring independent expertise with them to review your systems, identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure your business continuity.


We will test your Current Plan or put one in place

We can Identify weaknesses and evaluate the risks

Agree and Prioritise business critical systems and processes

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We believe that businesses should always have a disaster recovery plan in place.  To make sure you are prepared if disaster strikes, we ask challenging questions such as

  • What key systems and data does your company need to operate as a minimum?
  • How are your systems currently set up for disaster recovery?
  • What do you do to manage the life cycle of your critical equipment?
  • Where is your critical equipment located? Are you site-dependent?

Once we understand your objectives and needs, we will develop a plan that builds both resilience and redundancy into your systems.  We provide ongoing monitoring, management and support to give you guaranteed peace of mind, and to ensure that the plan keeps pace with your business.

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