Solutions for your business


When it comes to company relocation, we all want it to go as smoothly as possible and to minimise disruption. Let us move your IT systems, internet, phone services, phone numbers and lines so you don’t have to.


When you’re considering an IT project an IT consultant brings both expertise and a new perspective to your business challenges. Our IT consultants will provide you with help and advice on how to transform, upgrade or just get the best out of your existing IT systems.


Without IT and phone services a business ceases to operate. Disaster recovery is planning for business continuity. This is vital to a company’s survival. Our experts will guide you to cost-effective technology solutions to provide resilience and redundancy.


Let us guide you through the technology that can ensure your business compliance; Whether you need to comply with GDPR or have access to call recordings in the financial services sector, there are tools to make your life easier.


We provide a range of network and connectivity solutions, from internet broadband and networking, to SIP trunks, phone and fibre lines. We can also provide and move phone numbers, whether you want new ones, or want to keep a memorable one when you move.


When it comes to cyber security “Better be safe than sorry!” Our consultants will assess your systems for vulnerabilities and advise you on how to overcome them. There are many tools in our armoury, from penetration testing to sending staff phishing emails to identify the weaknesses within.


Any company merger or acquisition brings with it challenges. Merging IT systems and phone services, or introducing and standardising on new platforms brings IT, operational and training issues. Let our consultants guide you through the process to ensure business continuity.


We can deliver the technology to enable remote, hybrid or home working by providing IT and phone services, wherever you are, whenever you want. Let us guide you through the collaboration tools available, from video to instant messaging, to enable your people to feel valued and included.


We pride ourselves on looking after our clients. Our ‘one stop shop’ concept means that you can call on us for IT hardware, computers and peripherals such as headsets as well as for the provision of lines, services and support. We help set company standards by creating a bespoke portal for you with your approved models, giving you complete control.