Workplace Noise

Managing noise, minimising distractions and safeguarding your hearing

Managing Workplace Noise To Help People Work Together

We offer a comprehensive acoustic assessment as we find that noise intrudes on us in many ways.  Poor building design, loud individuals or machine noise, from printers to air conditioning plant, impact on our ability to concentrate in open plan spaces.

On an individual level, call handlers suffer acoustic shocks from malicious calls or extraneous, unexplained network noise.

We have the expertise and solutions to deal with all these manifestations of unwelcome noise.


Increase productivity

Improve working environment

Comply with noise regulation

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Compliance with Noise Regulations

Protection from Acoustic Shock

We can provide headset users with guaranteed protection from acoustic shock and evidence-based reporting on sound exposure levels. With the latest headset technology, we can safeguard staff, comply with the Noise At Work Directive and protect the business from claims.

Open-Plan Office Environment

Reducing Ambient Noise

We measure the ambient noise or sound level in an open plan workspace.  People’s perception of sound is very personal and subjective.  We use a small desk top device that records the sound level over time.  The data collected enables us to quantify the noise and calculate your ‘soundprint’.  We use this ‘soundprint’ information to develop noise reduction strategies.

Headset Solutions for Concentration

Headset Selection made Simple

As headset experts, we know how to choose the right headset model for each job role and location. We have specialist knowledge of all types of headsets, from those used in offices, contact centres and control rooms, to those used at home or on the move. We translate the buzz words – from DECT to active noise cancelling – into plain English so you can make informed decisions.

Acoustic Solutions for Buildings

Improving Noisy Buildings or New Build Design

We aim to achieve the best workplace acoustic performance we can. We do this by using a range of techniques from sound masking to sound absorption. Our objective, whether on new buildings or existing workspaces, is always to deliver maximise speech privacy, concentration, comfort and personal well-being.

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