Acoustic Shock Protection

Safeguarding your headset users

Protect your Headset Users from Acoustic Shock & the Business from false claims

As the number of headset users rises so do the number of hours that users are exposed to ‘sound’.  There is a clear correlation between the increase in these hours and the risk of long-lasting hearing damage.  As a result, individuals are suffering more work-related hearing damage, and businesses the costly consequences in terms of staff disability, demotivation and financial pay outs.

We can safeguard your headset users from acoustic shock.  Whether you want to protect your entire contact centre, or just specific users who have suffered acoustic shock, we have the technology and reporting tools to show that sound exposure is safe and limited.


Analyse sound exposure

Safeguard headset users

Improve working environment

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We measure the sound exposure levels that headset users are experiencing and consider the ambient noise level within the office or contact centre.

We report to you on our findings, identifying whether any corrective action is required. Where there are areas for concern, we recommend possible courses of action and help with their implementation. Routine monitoring of sound exposure levels is essential to safeguard both staff from injury and organisations from bogus claims. We are here to help and support.

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