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It’s natural to think that it’ll never happen to me, but the statistics say otherwise.  The FSB claim that 1 in 5 businesses are regularly subjected to scam emails or other types of cyber-attack.  Our objective is to make your business is secure.

To do this we carry out a comprehensive audit of your existing cyber security and identify any vulnerabilities.  Based on our findings, we help raise your defences and train your people in best practice.


Carry out a full comprehensive audit of your current cyber security

Staff Training

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There are a range of tools in our armoury that we can use as a one-off, or on a routine basis. Amongst these are:

  • We have ‘ethical hackers’ who test your systems, networks and web applications for vulnerabilities. We call this penetration testing.  We present you with our findings giving you either a clean bill of health, or remediation steps that we can implement for you.
  • We send your staff phishing emails to test how they respond. Whether this is done on a one-off or routine basis, you receive a phishing awareness report.  You see how many emails were sent and who clicked through.  This shows you how security aware your staff are and what training they need.  Depending on the results, we will work with you to produce an education programme to tighten up security.

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