Authorised Headset Partner & Reseller

Sennheiser Communications, a leading headset designer and manufacturer, is a joint venture between Sennheiser and the William Demant Holding Group.

Sennheiser, with a heritage in premium sound products, develops headset and audio conference solutions to connect to telephones, PCs and mobiles for a wide range of applications including contact centres and unified communication platforms such as Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Teams.

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Our Service

Communications Solutions UK can advise, direct and work with you to find the best Sennheiser headset for your business requirements, including:

  • User Profiling to establish what type of headset and connectivity your people need for the type of job role and location that they work in

  • Headset selection and their performance

  • Workshops and proof of concept trials

  • User training

  • Assistance on ‘go-live’ days

  • Software upgrades

  • Headset management and support

  • Financing