Soundshield Technologies

Authorised Partner

Authorised headset Partner and reseller for Soundshield, the acoustic protection device for headset users, in UK and Europe

Soundshield Technologies designs, manufactures and distributes high quality headset products including Soundshield, an acoustic protection device that completely eliminates the risk of acoustic shock to headset users. Soundshield safeguards the hearing and well-being of your people, protects your business from false claims and enables you to demonstrate compliance and your duty of care.

Our Service

We advise, help, direct and work with you on subjects such as:

  • Health & safety best practice for headsets
  • Measurement of headset user sound exposure
  • Reporting on sound exposure for compliance
  • Headset management and on-going support
  • Workshops, pilot studies and proof of concept trials
  • User training
  • Assistance on ‘go-live’ days
  • Financing

Arrange a Free Consultation

Contact us to discuss your needs further by calling 0118 920 9420 to speak to one of our specialists.


Consultative, Advisory, Supportive

In many cases the first objective of any consultation is to find out whether you have an excessive noise or sound exposure problem. Whilst for many this is very subjective, we will monitor over a number of days using Soundshield.

Reporting on the results we will make recommendations as to how to safeguard headset users. We will then work with you to implement these changes. Thereafter continually monitoring and supporting you.