Poly Registered Solution Provider

Poly is the global communications company that is built on the success of the combined Plantronics and Polycom brands. Poly brings to life audio and video experiences to make them as close to the genuine face to face communication as possible.

As Poly resellers we offer their comprehensive range of smart devices and services. This includes:

  • Personal audio equipment such as headsets, desk phones and conference units
  • Room systems for video collaboration
  • Management software and analytics for both personal devices and room systems

Though Poly equipment is best in class, when used with smart analytics, our Poly clients are empowered to make informed decisions that enables them to work better, smarter and easier.


Arrange a Free Consultation

Contact us to discuss your needs further by calling 0118 920 9420 to speak to one of our specialists.


Our Service

We cover a range of subject areas with you including:

  • The assessment your needs
  • Building a use case
  • Specifying solutions
  • The Installation of conference suites
  • The acoustic assessment of rooms to ensure good quality audio
  • Licencing and support
  • Finance

Our Approach

Based on our assessment and your use case, we specify solutions that mean you have the conferencing facilities and equipment to meet your needs.

In this way we ensure that conference room utilisation is high and that you see an increase in productivity and a return on your investment.