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GN Netcom, a Danish company, own both the Jabra and the BlueParrott brands.

Jabra is a leading headset and audio device designer and manufacturer. Jabra designs headset and audio conference solutions to connect to telephones, PCs and mobiles. These are tailored for specific applications including contact centres and unified communication platforms such as Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Teams.

Jabra has a software platform called Jabra Xpress that can be used to help with large-scale headset deployments and on-going headset management.

The BlueParrott brand is a range of specialist headsets for lorry drivers, truckers and for staff working in high noise environments such as warehousing spaces and outdoors.

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Our Service

Communications Solutions UK can advise, direct and work with you to find the best Jabra and BlueParrott headsets for your business requirements, including:

  • User Profiling to establish what type of headset and connectivity your people need for the type of job role and location that they work in
  • Headset selection and their performance
  • Workshops and proof of concept trials
  • User training
  • Assistance on ‘go-live’ days
  • Software upgrades
  • Headset management and support
  • Financing