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lrm is an established and growing property management company. A merger with a smaller competitor in 2014 brought new logistical challenges for the business in terms of location, remote working and telephony. Managing its systems across its international offices and remote workers became problematic, complex and unwieldy. This was compounded by contractual obligations to multiple suppliers. Structurally it was difficult to achieve accountability and responsibility for problem resolution.

This situation hampered growth and impacted the lrm customer experience. Customers were frustrated by how long it took for calls to be transferred and answered and therefore their requests and issues to be resolved. Internally the lrm team were frustrated with the difficulty in locating and communicating with colleagues, resulting in service delays and challenges in managing customer expectations.

With ambitions for growth, lrm executives sought a partner-supplier to deliver a transformational, scalable, robust and cost-effective solution that could seamlessly meet their expansion plans. Having evaluated and ranked a range of potential partner companies in a competitive tender process, lrm chose Communications Solutions UK.


In response to lrm’s brief and their company structure with offices on two continents and members of staff dispersed across the UK and France, Communications Solutions UK proposed a Cisco hosted telephony solution. This required a substantial commitment from lrm and represented a giant leap technologically. lrm executives bought into the vision for their system to be scalable and reliable yet at a predictable cost. It was also recognised that success rested on the implementation and user impact. Therefore lrm were offered programme management and user adoption training, with video sessions for remote users.

“lrm researched the market literally top to bottom to find a suitable telecommunications partner to handhold us through a massive voice and data rationalisation and implementation project. Communications Solutions UK has very effectively delivered a market-leading solution within budget. This has linked our London and Cape Town offices along with remote team members inmthe UK and France, transforming our communications. Communications Solutions UK delivered on all its promises in product sourcing, installation, implementation and training. The resulting high level of team engagement and positivity and the real business benefits have exceeded our expectations.” -Henry Chandler, Director


Overall the benefits to lrm have been immense. With a robust technological solution, adoption has been the key to success. Users now have softphones, webcams and mobile apps to ensure that colleagues are significantly more accessible and engaged. Internal communication has dramatically improved at all levels. Importantly, the solution recognised the need for appropriate tools for the job. Headsets have been tailored to individual needs, be they for the contact centre, property relationship managers or operational teams. This has allowed all staff to provide a responsive, confidential, high quality call experience to customers and colleagues alike.


While the effect on the individual users and teams has been an important benefit, the new system has also brought enhanced capability in networking and internet usage. This has allowed simplified system management, provided control and resilience and removed all previous technical bottlenecks. Most importantly of all it has meant an improvement in overall customer service with better call resolution outcomes. The team is enjoying far greater engagement despite the distances involved. For example, by moving to a softphone and webcam environment the team now has presence indications of colleague availability and can communicate, engage and collaborate much more effectively.

Reporting and call recording now provides accountability, certainty and an audit trail should one be required. This is being leveraged to dramatically reduce internal email traffic and to increase ownership and accountability.

lrm has gained:

  • Competitive advantage through increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction
  • Simplified supplier management and proactive system monitoring
  • A robust, scalable and future-proof solution to meet growth
  • Estimated initial annual cost benefit in excess of £20,000 and growing
  • Improved teamwork and collaboration across international sites and remote workers

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