Everyone wants to safeguard their hearing.  This is why acoustic safety is important to us all.  As the European distributor for Polaris’ award-winning Soundshield range of products we know that we can deliver clear, safe calls to headset users and contact centre agents.

In critical environments where acoustic safety is paramount, the Polaris Soundshield product range guarantees protection for headset users against acoustic shock injury and long-term noise damage. It is the only product in the international marketplace that delivers this performance.

Uniquely the Soundshield products also provide sound exposure reporting which allows companies to demonstrate their duty of care to staff, compliance with the European Noise at Work Directive and defend against any medical claims for hearing damage.

For more information read The Definitive Guide to Acoustic Safety.

In addition to Soundshield products, Polaris offer a range of corded, wireless, USB and bluetooth headsets for business, contact centre and Unified Communications needs.

Soundshield 4G Soundshield Wireless Soundshield Headset Bundle
Soundshield 4G Soundshield Wireless Soundshield Bundle
SoundPro Headset Soundshield Sound Data Analysis Frequently Asked Questions
Polaris Soundpro Headset Data Analysis FAQ


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What is Acoustic Shock?

Acoustic shock is not the same as hearing damage caused by long-term noise exposure. It is caused by a sudden, unexpected loud, high frequency, high intensity sound via a headset. These sounds include alarms or sirens, fax machine dial tones, faulty telephone lines, system feedback, or malicious calls.

Injuries experienced can be both short and long term and include hearing loss, tinnitus, and pain to the ear, head and neck. Victims frequently also experience fear of sound as well as hypersensitivity to sound.


Why is protecting against Acoustic shock so important?


The rapid increase in the number of headset users, particularly employed in an office or contact centre setting, means that a significant number of the working population is now exposed to the risk of acoustic shock injury.

When a staff member suffers acoustic shock injury, not only does it directly affect that person’s physical and emotional health, but there are other flow-on effects. Employees may need to take time off work which affects company productivity. The affected employee’s performance and their ability to do their job properly may be affected for fear of another acoustic shock incident. In the worst case scenario, legal action may be taken against the company. These incidents also cause a ‘ripple effect’ through surrounding co-workers who start to feel vulnerable, resulting in a demotivated workforce with low staff morale. 


What are an Employer’s responsibilities?


Employers are legally obligated to ensure that legal noise limits are not exceeded.  They have a duty to protect the hearing of their workforce by assessing and where necessary, reducing the risks of noise. Similarly they must provide hearing protection, information,training and health surveillance to safeguard staff.

If you are concerned about whether you or your staff are safe from the risks of hearing damage or acoustic shock syndrome, contact us to arrange a free audit.


Headset Wearers in Contact Centres


Headset wearers in contact centres and command and control centres, e.g. the emergency services are particularly vulnerable to acoustic shock injury.

A study conducted recently in the UK estimated that nearly one in four contact centre agents believe they have experienced acoustic shock.  There is also growing evidence that contact centre staff are showing the early signs of noise induced hearing loss.


Soundshield 4G guarantees acoustic safety for contact centres

Polaris Soundshield 4G – a case study

The Polaris Soundshield 4G delivered complete acoustic protection to the contact centre agents of a large European Bank. Soundshield eliminated acoustic shock incidents and provided sound exposure graphs to demonstrate that acoustic safety was guaranteed.

Read about how Soundshield Technology safeguards Bank contact centre agents.

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