Do you know what’s lurking in the back of your IT shelves?
We’re here to talk Spring Cleaning. 
And it’s the easiest one you’ll ever do.

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Forget the clothes. It’s time to clear out the old IT closet.

We’re here to help you purge your unused or outdated equipment with our
safe, simple & secure equipment disposal service.

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About Our Service:

  • Secure IT collections– we’ll ensure a safe and convenient collection.
  • Audits– we ensure that each asset has an audit trail.
  • Cost-effective– our IT asset disposal will never break the bank, no matter what your budget.
  • Data erasure– we provide a certificate of secure data erasure.
  • Data transfer– we offer data transfer services you can trust.
  • Redeployment– an asset can be redeployed once it has been refurbished and data safely erased.
  • Compliance– fully comply with the latest GDPR legislation and E-waste laws.

Want to know if your items are covered in our service?

Click here for a list of disposable items

Complying with GDPR Regulations:

With the GDPR firmly in place now, data breaches can incur heavy fines and penalties. It’s your responsibility as someone who controls data to ensure that all hardware is safe; for this reason, it makes a lot of sense to have an IT recycling plan in place.

Our secure data erasure service delivers compliance and peace of mind from a company you can trust.

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