Company Relocation

Company Relocation

Move offices without any interruption

Whether your business is expanding, or simply transitioning to a location that is better suited to your needs, the relocation process typically consumes a huge amount of management time and resource. Ensuring business as usual during the move is crucial for business continuity and keeping your customers happy.

Many businesses find that relocating forces them to reconsider their existing infrastructure and technology and whether it can support the company’s business objectives.

Our Service

We understand that moving a business is never easy. The secret to success is in identifying all the issues that could impact you and then producing and implementing a plan to ensure that they are all addressed.

Working with us as your IT and communications relocation partner, our team of experts will minimise any downtime and risk, as well as ensuring the move is as seamless as possible so you can swiftly get back to ‘business as usual.’

We can help you devise and implement your IT relocation plan, offering insights for possible improvements along the way. Many of our clients report both efficiency and cost-savings post-project and move.

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Our Approach



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From the moment you have decided to relocate, we can help you plan and evaluate the best solution and approach for you to ensure you work to a realistic deadline.

To ensure minimal interruption to your IT and communications services when you move, we undertake a comprehensive audit and look at your:

  • Systems, both generic and specific to your line of business

  • Data migration and backup

  • Disaster recovery

  • Business objectives in terms of expansion or new sites

  • Retention of phone numbers

  • Broadband capacity and speeds

  • Equipment inventory
  • Staff training

  • Wireless internet
  • Cabling systems

  • Cloud hosting

  • Destruction & wiping of obsolete equipment

Looking Toward the Future

Solutions that are easily scalable are the way forward. Our team will recommend a future proof solution for your new offices to encompass any further expansion or growth. We understand the need for flexibility and design our services with this in mind.

Why us?

With over 25 years of experience, our team will work with you to identify ICT solutions to enhance your business.

We Partner With the Best

The day to day running of the business has been transformed. When we trialled Office 365, our engineers offered to pay for it personally if we had chosen not to have it! They liked accessing their diaries, emails, and files from anywhere at any time from not only their work laptops, but iPhones and even their home computers too – this helped with the smooth running of the business and helped them manage their own time and customers more efficiently.

Sara, Horizon Digital TV Sound & Vision

Our new IT and hosted phone systems are by far quicker, smoother and more reliable than they were
previously. Far less frustration and downtime meaning increased productivity.

Ian Richards, Signs Express Centre Manager

lrm researched the market literally top to bottom to find a suitable telecommunications partner to handhold us through a massive voice and data rationalisation and implementation project.  Communications Solutions UK has very effectively delivered a market-leading solution within budget. This has linked our London and Cape Town offices along with remote team members in the UK and France, transforming our communications. Communications Solutions UK delivered on all its promises in product sourcing, installation, implementation and training. The resulting high level of team engagement and positivity and the real business benefits have exceeded our expectations.

Henry, London Residential Management (lrm)

Before I discovered CSUK, I was reluctant to upgrade my communications because I thought it would be costly and complicated. In fact, the team at CSUK made the whole process simple. They organised my IT, email and phone communications providing competitively-priced, high quality systems that have made my life much easier. This in turn has improved my professional profile as my clients can see that I am now using enterprise level tools.  It was all so simple, just like the Jabra Evolve 65 headset, that I now use with my PC softphone and mobile.  The headset was easy to install and gives me greater clarity of sound, as well as mobility so that I can move around more freely when I am training.

Jackie, Digital Business Communication (DBC)

We originally found Communications Solutions UK (CSUK) through WEConnect, a partner that we use for engaging with diverse suppliers. CSUK have been able to support us in a number of areas, both tactical and strategic. In this project, it was their expertise and abilities around the acoustic environment that have proven especially important to us.

CSUK identified problem areas in the building based on a scientific approach that involved measurement and calculation. With these findings, they designed a solution to achieve the right acoustic performance levels that met both our requirements and budget.

Matt, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

The cost savings that Communications Solutions UK have secured for our business have been important, but equally I value their friendly and helpful service. Over the years I have always been able to rely on a prompt response to my enquiries and working with their team is always a pleasant experience.

Payal, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

CSUK were able to offer us fantastic impartial advice about all the products. The expertise they offered us far outweighed the value that any of the other organisations we were looking at could give us.

Leigh, Sovereign Housing

You and your company have been, and continue to be, excellent providers of customer service.

Reasonable Adjustments Manager, Highways England

I just wanted to let you how things were going with the headset you recommended. I have been using it for the last 5 days and it is perfect. Very lightweight and the ear piece is nice and small. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much for your help, it is much appreciated.

Miss N, Police Force Control Room Dispatcher