Voice & Phones

We offer a complete range of hosted voice and phone services that give you the full unified communications experience integrating voice, video, instant messaging and screen sharing. Our platforms are cost-effective, based on a monthly subscription model, provide operational flexibility and give full PBX functionality.

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Networks & Connectivity

We provide a range of network and connectivity solutions, from internet broadband and networking, to SIP trunks, phone and fibre lines. We can also provide and move phone numbers, whether you want new ones, or want to keep a memorable one when you move.

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Video & Audio Conferencing

We have audio and video conferencing solutions to meet a range of requirements and budgets. Where organisations want to improve collaboration and productivity, audio and video conferencing solutions make it possible to bring people together more frequently and more cost-effectively.

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Headsets as a Service

We will supply, manage and maintain your headsets on a monthly subscription. Our service includes headset profiling to ensure that users have the most appropriate headset for their job role and the routine replacement of consumables, such as ear cushions, ensuring health and safety compliance.

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business IT
Workplace noise reduction services

Workplace Noise

We offer a comprehensive acoustic assessment of workplace noise, covering individual staff needs to advice on noisy buildings, open plan offices, atriums, audio and video conference rooms and new build design.

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Acoustic Shock Protection

We can safeguard your headset users from acoustic shock. Whether you want to protect your contact centre staff, or just specific users who have suffered acoustic shock, we have the technology and reporting tools to show that sound exposure is safe and limited.

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